"Yesterday's Christmases"
Barb Alexander Artist.
Uniquely Different Dollectables!

  • "Big sis, Ida, and little sis Chrissie" are both make over dolls. They are a set for your Christmas enjoyment and all year long. They are beauties designed by Barb. They help bring back the memories of Christmases past.
  • "Ida and Chrissie" have both received complete facial makeover including rooted
  • lashes, with beautiful greeny-blue eyes and sweet lips.

  • Their hair is fixed in the style of the 1800's
    and both dolls wear pantaloons trimed in pearls and golden metalic ribbon.

  • All paint has been sealed.

  • Their Christmas dresses have been handsewn with with great care, Ida's underskirt is made from red velveteen,
  • her blouse is hand crochet from the finest Rayon thread and trimed in pearls. Her overskirt and train are made
  • from Christmas Plaid Taffeta, her bustel is also hand crocheted from the finest Rayon thread and trimed with tiny pearls.

  • Chrissie is dressed in a lookalike 'sister' dress styled for a little girl of this era and her skirt is made from the
  • same fabric as Ida's. Her blouse is hand crocheted from the finest Rayon thread and trimed with tiny pearls. She
  • also has on red and green net pettycoats.

  • Chrissie is a 10" little girl fashion doll, and Ida is an 11 1/2" fashion doll.

    "Yesterday's Christmases" is a beautifully elegant set, and would make a perfect addition to any collection. And includes the Christmas tree, packages and tiny miniture oraments.

    If you have any questions or would like to see additional pics, please feel free to email me! At Barb Alexander

    "Yesterday's Christmases" come with their own signed COA.

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    Doll and Outfit Designs By
    Barb Alexander

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