"Lei-Ryana, Keeper Of The Waters"
Barb Alexander Artist.
Dollectables, Uniquely Different!

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  • "Lei-Ryana, Keeper Of The Waters" is An OOAK beauty designed by Barb, and is the second doll in the series "The Four Elements".
  • "Lei-Ryana" has received a facial makeover including rooted
  • lashes, with beautiful sparking blue eyes and sweet red colored lips.
  • There was a tooth extraction on this doll also.
  • Her hair is pulled to the right side of her head, and hangs down to below her knees in soft waves and curls at te bottom in a mass of lucious golden beauty, and her headpiece is made up of a silver crown with the swrils of silver in the center to repersent the silver lining of clouds. She has had a manacure. And a pedacure and stands barefoot on the bubbles of pond water. She is permanently attached to the base she stands on.
  • All paint has been sealed.
  • The "water" she keeps flows from the crown and the silver cloud in shimmering blue droplers of beads, which are all hand sewn on.. and also flows into the water keeper bottle, which she keeps in reserve.
  • Her dress is all hand sewn and swirls around her like water waves, swirling out into a fan of beautiy around her feet. the crystal drops of water flowing down and around her dress are "faux" jewels., which are glued on.
  • Her choker is hand crocheted from the finesr rayon thread and hand sewn beaded.
  • She holds in her hand the two wands of her calling....
"Lei-Ryana, Keeper Of The Waters" is a beautifully elegant OOAK doll, and would make a perfect addition to any collection.

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"Lei-Ryana, Keeper Of The Waters" comes with her own signed COA.

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Dollectables, Uniquely Different

This doll is an 11 1/2" fashion doll

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Barb Alexander Artist.
Dollectables, Uniquely Different

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