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This set sold together.
  • "Comforted is the first in a series of Guarding Angels OOAK dolls designed by Barb.
  • "The Angel of comfort had reciever a partical face repaint,
  • with beautiful deeply blue eyes highlighted. She has had a tooth extraction and her lovely lips painted a beautiful rose red.
  • Her hair is swept straight back and hand down her back is soft waves. . Her wings have been touched with golden sparkles.
  • All paint has been sealed. This doll is an 11 1/2"fashion doll.
  • Her dress is made of fabric that catches the warm sunlight of love and has been hand sewn with with great care,
  • trimmed with double golden trimed lace, carefull hand sewn on. Her dress is not removable. She has a white net pettycoat under her dress to give it fullness and wears pantaloons made from the same fabric as the dress. Trimmed with the same lace.
  • She wears no shoes.
  • The "Firemam's uniform is designed by Barb and is completly hand sewn. He is covered with 'dust' from collasped buildings. He has been in despair, sitting on a curb with his head down hands hanging between his legs... until his guardian angel comes to bring him comfort, to cry for lost comrads and others, but to also lift his head in the warm glow of comfort, knowing he is not alone. This doll is a 12" fashion doll.
"Comforted" has a warm glow of wonderful feeling of being comforted in times of trouble, they are beautifully elegant OOAK dolls, and would make a perfect addition to any collection. Commission work welcome. Click on the silver star button to e mail me.

If you have any questions or would like to see additional pics, please feel free to email me! At Barb Alexander

"Comforted" will come with their own signed COA.

Winning bidder to contact me with in 3 days of end of auction and payment to be recieved within 10 days of end of auction. No exceptions or doll will be re listed. I accept Cashiers checks, money orders or Pay-pal only.. shipping and insurance to be payed by winner of the bidding and will be determened at the end of auction. Thank you for bidding and I hope you have fun.

Doll and Outfit Designed and copyrighted By
Barb Alexander