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"Royal Radiance Maiden"
Barb Alexander Artist.
Dollectables, Uniquely Different!
  • "Royal Radiance Maiden" is #2 in a series of "Maiden" dolls I plan to do. She is An OOAK beauty designed by Barb.
  • "Royan Radiance Maiden" has received a complete facial makeover including rooted
  • lashes, with beautiful with beautiful deeply purple mysterious eyes and Burgendy lips.
  • Her hair is pulled to one side of her head in big curls and her bangs create a fluff across her face. She has had a
  • manacure.
  • All paint has been sealed.
  • Her purple sequined form-fitting dress has been handsewn with with great care,
  • and the sparkle of the sun on the sequins is but a refelection of her beauty. Her dress is also accented by the
  • stunning cape, which is caught at the left shoulder top in a puff and flows down and around her is a swirl of
  • beauty. The cape is trimed with white feather boa as is the bottom of her skirt. Her purple shoes are covered with
  • glitter and have a dark faux Amithist on each toe.
  • Royal Radiance Maiden's faux jewels compliments her entire ensemble.
  • Her over the elbows gloves are just the right touch for the gown.
  • This doll is an 11 2/2" fashion doll.
"Royal Radiance Maiden" is a beautifully elegant OOAK doll, and would make a perfect addition to any collection.

If you have any questions or would like to see additional pics, please feel free to email me! At Barb Alexander

"Royal Radiance Maiden" comes with her own signed COA.

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Dollectables, Uniquely Different

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Barb Alexander Artist.
Dollectables, Uniquely Different

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